14 August 2013

Interview Time / Burkatron

Today's post is an interview with one of my favourite blogs burkatron run by Caroline. Burkatron is a beautiful blog with a mix of DIY's, fashion , beauty and nail art tutorials. I adore Caroline's photography and her easy step by step nail tutorials , Caroline even inspired me to buy my first  nail art kit. Everyone need to pop over to her blog right now and follow! All photo's used belong to Caroline . Enjoy the interview!

If you we're to give one piece of advice to a new blogger what would you say?
I would definitely say carry on because at first you'll feel like you're just talking to yourself haha! Just post about things and subjects you love and people will find your blog and eventually you'll build up a readership of lovely people!

It has to be asked buy how did you master nail art? Any tips?
 Practice really makes perfect.. I look back at my first nail art attempts and can't believe how messy they were aha! Start with simple designs and don't worry if about having perfect results at first, part of the fun is experimenting and learning what patterns you're good at :)
What three things do you look for in a blog?
oooo I think it would be originality, personality and good photography!

If you had to pick one beauty or clothing item that you would have to wear everyday for the rest of your life what would it be ?
OMG that is sooooo hard haha! I think I'd go for my vintage levis as they are super comfy and I love denim it's so timeless!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up blogging?
not yet! I think if you're not enjoying blogging or stuck in a rut you should definitely take a break.. it can become stressful juggling posts, schedules and email requests so sometimes I take a day off and write a big to do list which always helps me relax.. It's a bit geeky but it always works for me!
Thank you Caroline for answering my questions and if you still haven't followed Caroline's blog I have one question what's taking you so long!

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