9 August 2013

Hair Scrunchies

It was not that long ago that I can remember myself despising the 90's style scrunchies but recently I can't get enough of them. The scrunchie has brought itself back into style and everyone is wearing them just like the nineties but even though its a born again fashion accessorie it is definiantly not loved by everyone with people still  associating  it with a must for Vicky Pollard! I recently  bought two  Topshop bunny ear styled scrunches'  with  different vintage inspired patterns on them. I love wearing these scrunchies with  high ponytails and plaits, like most fashion items your going to either love it or hate it and this time round I definitely love this fashion trend. I think a scrunchie is the perfect way to up do your hair style if you don't want to put much effort or time into your locks. These scrunchies retail at £4.00 each which is pretty reasonable but I'm sure you can get cheaper online.



  1. OO I like that black&white one!

    Also thank you SO SO MUCH for featuring our button on your blog! :)


  2. Don't know if I've really fallen for this yet, but the ones above look cute!
    Rosie x | <a href="http://www.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk>Every Word Handwritten</a>

    1. I love them I really hated them a few months ago

  3. these are so cute! love the 90's scrunchies style



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