19 August 2013

A Shop Update

 I recently opened a Bigcartel shop and unfornutely it didn't get a lot of hits so I thought I might need a little help so I have taken the plunge and opened an esty shop I wanted to the cushions to be affordable and well made so each cushion is £4.00 with £2.60 postage and packaging. There is three designs as you can see above and I would love for everyone to check out my store and if your feeling kind you could purchase one .If you can't afford one I would love a comment to tell me what you think. If the cushions prove popular I would like to experiment with designs , patterns etc.
What do you think of my cushions ?



  1. These are lovely! I might have to purchase one for my new flat next month :) Hope the shop goes well! xx

  2. Those cushions are utterly gorgeous and such a reasonable price! I'm definitely going to be looking into them - both for myself and as a going-away present for my brother who's leaving for uni. Amazing designs! Hope your shop goes well & if I do end up purchasing one I'll definitely write a blog post up on it! X

    1. Thank you that would be brilliant I hope your purchase one your so kind

  3. I think they're gorgeous, but I already told you that! I'm going to share this on my Friday Favourites post this week- You deserve more attention for them!


  4. lovely post and I might have to check your etsy shop out x


  5. those cushions are adorable! one of my favourite youtubers called 'thepersianbabe' loves different, cute cushions and i think she'd love yours! haha xx


  6. I love the chevron one! Think I'll have to get myself one! If they were in other colours I'm sure I would get myself a couple of those too :)

    Ashley xo


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