23 August 2013

5 Tips / Make Up

Hey there lovely chicos and chicas! I’m Claire and blog over at http://stylingo.co.uk I’m thrilled to be helping out with this series and have decided to outline my 5 top tips in relation to makeup. Obviously, this is a HUGE area and there are millions of tips out there that we can (and do) spend our lifetimes trying to pick up. But these are some of the most basic tips that a surprising number of us might still forget about…

1.      Prepare Your Skin!  You could have the nicest paint in the world, but if you apply it to a minging (yes, I’m bringing ‘minging’ back), cracked wall then it still won’t look very nice. The same principle applies to makeup. No matter how good the makeup, if you’re applying it to badly prepared skin then it won’t do its job as well as it could. Give your makeup the best base that you can, by keeping up a regular skincare routine and using primers.

2.      Identify Your Skin Type A lot of people buy products based on rave reviews without remembering that makeup works differently on all of us. This is something you especially need to bear in mind with foundations and concealers, as these can have the biggest impact on how your whole face ends up looking. Get to know your skin type and choose you makeup accordingly. For example, if you’ve got oily skin, then oil-based foundations are just going to exacerbate the problem, regardless of whether other people swear by it.

3.      Do Your Research This is connected to the above point, as there’s nothing worse than buying a product on impulse and then finding that it just doesn’t work for you. So, before splashing out on something new, do your research! There is a plethora of information out there, and I’m not being biased when I say that beauty blogs are really the first place to head to if you’re after an honest review of a product. A quick Google search of whatever you’re considering buying will turn up loads of advice and stop you wasting your money.

4.      Don’t Assume that Cheap = Bad Some people swear by high-end products, but it’s not always the case that expensive products will do the job better than cheaper stuff. I know of plenty of people who have splashed out on something like a MAC foundation, only to discover that they’re trusty old Rimmel actually worked better for them. There are a lot of cheap makeup products out there that bloggers and experts alike regard as holy grail products. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is absolutely raved about and comes in at under a fiver – while there’s apparently a concealer available at Aldi that’s an amazing dupe for YSL’s Touche Eclat. Don’t let makeup snobbery from discovering some potentially amazing products!

5.      Be Ready for Touch-Ups! We all know that however well you do your makeup before leaving the house, the elements simply do not care. Our makeup suffers a lot throughout the day, either from the weather or from constantly rubbing our eyes to keep ourselves awake during boring work meetings. So be prepared by always carrying a little makeup around with you. Lugging your entire makeup bag isn’t always the most practical solution, but having some basics on you – powder, eyeliner and a good lip product – can keep you looking fresh all day. If you can get your hands on some miniature products then this is even better!


  1. I'm always so unwilling to take makeup out with me, feeling like it makes me too high maintenance! But yesterday I was going out to an event after work and my skin looked awful so I'm going to have to learn to bring out a powder and concealer with me at least! xx

  2. Great tips, love your blog! Your photos are gorgeous!


  3. Holy ghost I love your blog! I've only read the first page of posts but I'm loving your style, layout and pictures.. I think I've fallen head over heels in love for your blog! haha! Can't wait to continue my stalking

    Much love girlie! Rachel x x


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