3 July 2013

Unlikely Make Up Storage

 Unlike most bloggers I don't own a large amount of make up but it defiantly is still growing so it needs to be stored. I like my make up storage to be pretty but yet still effective and hold all the make up that is needed. To achieve this I don't always use the conventional make up storage. As you can see in the image above I have got a glass jar , plant pot , cake stand , vintage tin and an old glossy box. Each one of these is a great way to store my make up and accessories.For my brushes , palettes and mascaras i use a plant pot  that has been very popular with beauty bloggers and I can see why as  it's only £2 in Ikea and looks pleasing on the eyes. When it comes to nail polishes I am a tad OCD about the organisation of them, for me each brand has to be next to each other and  an old glossy box is the perfect way to achieve organisation for your nail polishes.For small make up products such as indivual eyeshadows or blushers I  use the vintage tin. I adore this tin and love the picture and piece of text on it. These tins are really easy to get hold off  websites such as eBay and charity shops sell them  really cheap.

Everyone has products in their make up that isn't used as much as some other products in your make up collection so i tend to store the leas livedproducts in  a glass jar that is most commonly used in a kitchen but this jar is also great for storing them unloved products. I got this jar for £1 something in Ikea and it was so worth the purchase !The last storage method is a cake stand this is my most recent storage purchase and most loved. I use the stand for cotton pads and nail swatches. ( It has also came in very handy for taking photos.) I bought this cake stand in a local vintage shop but if you search online I am sure you could get the same thing.I think my method of storing my make up  is a effective,cheap way to store your make up and if you use your creative brain you could find some great unlikely  alternatives to make up storage ! 

Do you have any unlikely make up storage ?


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  1. Aw I really like yours it is really sweet and you've got some great storage options too :D xx



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