10 July 2013

Herbal Essences Intense Hair Mask

My hair recently has been feeling very unloved recently and even though I never use heat or have wavy hair it is very dry. Like a lot of bloggers I wanted to research the matter before I bought products that were no value to me. After I  researched I thought I would try a hair mask that is meant to reduce spilt ends and dryness. I didn't want to spend a fortune on the hair mask as I had never tried one before and didn't know whether or not they would treat my hair problems so when I saw the Herbal Essences Intense hair Mask on offer I thought I'd give it a try! This hair mask looked and felt exactly like conditioner with a raspberry scent. After washing my hair with shampoo I applied the hair mask to the ends of my hair and left it to work for 5 minutes. When the mask had been in my hair for 5 minutes I rinsed it out and let my hair dry. I didn't find this hair mask  helped my dryness or spilt ends I felt it make my hair even dryer than what it was previously. Since using the hair mask I have realised that normal conditioner works twice as better than the hair mask I bought!

Do you have any dry hair solutions ?


  1. I have this hair mask. I don't notice any great changes to my hair either but I just love the smell!!

    Ashley xo

    1. I totally agree it doesn't make your hair any better

  2. glad i read this because i was thinking of buying it! really helpful so thankyou x


  3. How disappointing. The new honey mask from herbal essences seems to e getting good reviews
    Kirsty x



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