15 July 2013

Glamour Freebie

 A lot of the time I often buy magazines purely for the freebie but this month was a bit different. I bought this month's Glamour magazine for the content, I do love a bit of Jessie J! In saying that I wasn't going to not try the freebie. This month came with a small selection of Balance Me products I picked the face wash product. Due to the hot weather I wanted a product that would make my face feel fresh and reduce spots and pores and it definitely did deliver. The face wash only requires a small amount of product that creates a thick lather for your face. This face wash creates smooth ,soft skin in a matter of moments and can be used on it's own or part of a skincare routine. The only thing that puts me off the product is it's scent, I know I often don't like the smell of things but I doubt that hardly anyone will enjoy the smell of this product. The full size product is £16 which is expensive and I don't think I would buy the full sized product, the sample size will last a considerable amount of time and I think that will do me just fine.


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