20 July 2013

Fragrance Direct Summer Look Book

Fragrance Direct is a new online shop to me and I only recently found out about it when many bloggers were all going crazy for Dainty Doll products , so I went on their website to see what the big fuss was about and I was amazed at the quality of products and their cheap price tags so like many I ordered a few ( many ) products of their site. Their customer service was fab and I would definitely recommend it to everyone! I was recently contacted about their new  online summer look book feature that Fragrance Direct has created. They have created a Summer Look book that focuses on hair, lips and  eyes for occasions such as festivals  , beach holiday , wedding garden parties, first date and gigs. The look book has the most amazing illustrations to give the reader a visual image of the look that is  also described in the small caption below the large, bold illustrations. The feature gives easy advice that can be carried out by professionals and amateurs.   I  think this feature that Fragrance Direct have introduced is brilliant and it really corresponds with the website and what it sells.  Check out the look book HERE to create your summer look.

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