24 July 2013

Best of the Nudes

Even though the  classic nude nail is more renowned for winter I feel it can also be a summer shade . A nude nail is perfect for formal occasions ,  school and work. I have chose three of my favourite nude shades that are not only beautiful but also affordable. The three I have chosen are Barry M , Topshop and Models Own all of which are my favourite nudes in my collection .
 The Topshop and Barry M shades are almost identical but  slightly different on the nails. As most  of you may know Barry M Gelly nail polish is one if my favourite nail polishes due to its amazing wear and finish so this nude shade is perfect if you want your nails to last, it is also the cheapest of the three. My  other nude choice was a chocolate coloured lacquer from Model's Own it is darker than the other two nail polishes but is a more dramatic nude to most. The formula is brilliant and the manicure is opaque  with only two coats,  this shade is slightly more warmer than the other two  with them being a more cold beige colour.  All these nude nail lacquers are easy to wear and can make your manicure have the elegant feel for all occasions both formal and casual. I think that nude shades should be taken out of their winter box and replaced all year round !
What are your favourite nude shades ?


  1. I have the Nude Beige from Models Own and love it. Also love Utopia for a hint of purple :)

  2. I have Barry M Lychee on my nails right now and it's nice but I think nudes with more of a pink tint suit me a little better, like Models Own Utopia :-)

  3. I've got that Topshop colour, its perfect for when you want a nail colour but nothing too obvious :)



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