4 July 2013

5 Shades Of Blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours and not only is it a colour that can be worn in both summer and winter it is also a great colour for your nails. I have many shades of blue in my nail polish collection both glittery and solid colour, in the picture above are my 5 favourite shades of blue in my nail polish collection. My tops 5 shades are Essie "Mint Candy Apple", Barry M "Blueberry", Topshop "Dark Knight", & Other Stories "Twill Blue" and Barry M "Blue Glitter". All  5 of these nail polishes range from the lightest blue to royal blue, Essie's mint candy apple is  the palest of the blue shades and is worn on almost everyone. This is a very popular shade and is perfect for pale skin or a subtle way to introduce yourself to the shade blue. My darkest shade is & Other Stories " Twill Blue " a very similar colour to the Nails Inc "Baker Street" but without the price tag. My light blue shade I have chosen is Barry M's "Blueberry" a blue sky colour that is perfect for summer and makes your nails look that extra bit special.
My chosen blue glitter nail polishes are both dark blues. Topshop's "Dark Knight" is a dark blue shade with both big and small chunks of glitter, the nail polish can be very difficult to apply but the finish product is gorgeous. This glitter nail polish doesn't require a base coat due to a blue nail polish shade is mixed with the glitter. The second one is a Barry M glitter nail polish that is perfect as a  top coat but also as a solid colour on one or all of your finger tips.
Do you have any favourite  5 shades of blue ?



  1. I'm in LOVE with the Topshop one!


  2. I love Barry M Blueberry - such a gorgeous blue for Summer :D the Topshop one looks so interesting too :D

    Holly Mixtures

  3. I love the Barry M nail polishes. The only problem with the glitters is that they are SO hard to remove! But Blueberry is one of my favorites :)


  4. Barry M's Blueberry is just perfect!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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