12 June 2013

Topshop Wishlist

I often spend a lot of time on the Topshop website scrolling through pages upon pages of overpriced clothing that I always seem to like and want. The only problem with this is my card can be seriously affected! There is so many new clothes, shoes and make up that are to die for on the Topshop website so what better to do than create a wish list!
I have never seen these jeans before until I saw them In one of Alix's video's from I Covet Thee. She recently bought these jeans and they just looked gorgeous on her. They are a Levi styled  acid wash jeans that can be perfect for both styling up and down. These jeans would go with both with Trainers or high heels.
I've heard a lot about Topshop make up and still haven't tried any of their products. I love all the Topshop lip products and they come in some beautiful shades. This colour is the perfect plum shade that really complements my skin tone.
This monochrome t-shirt is really plain with only black on the sleeves. I think this top really suits the recent trends and can work with lots of outfits variations. I do feel that the top is slightly over priced like a lot of Topshop clothing but I think I can get over that.
I love the gold chain necklace and this is the perfect twist to the original gold chains. This chain is perfect for this outfit because it gives it a pop of colour and is something different. This chain would be perfect under a collared shirt or dress.

I have seen these high heels a few times in my local Topshop and I need them. They are only £50 and don't have a massive heel so they won't be too difficult to walk in. They are leather with wooden heels. I think these heels would be perfect with leggings, trousers or a dress. The high heels also come in brown but I think black is more versatile.
 What are your Topshop favourites ?

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