22 June 2013

Pretty Pinks

I am definitely not a Pink kind of girl but I recently proved myself wrong whilst reorganising my make up collection when I started to notice that my make up and accessories all had one thing in common PINK! A lot of the pinks I own are defiantly  not the hot pinks but more of a pastel pretty pink which really complements pale skin on both your face and nails. The pink nail polishes that I have been loving recently is Barry M's Dragon and Topshops's  Keepinit Sweet both colours are very similar but Dragon is a darker shade than the Topshop nail polish which is more of a strawberry milkshake colour.

The pink accessories that I use a lot is the Bourjois sharpener and the Real Techniques Muti task brush. This Bourjois sharpener is the best make up sharpener I have ever had, I kind of expected it seeing as I paid £2.50 for it. It can sharpen both pencil eyeliners or thicker pencils such as eye crayons,It is defiantly an essential in my make up collection. The second pink accessories that I love is the Muti task brush which can apply blushers, bronzers or powers. This brush defiantly does what it says and I always use it to apply a small amount of blusher. A pink lip product  that I love is the Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic. This is an extremely pigmented lip-gloss that is super shiny and intense perfect for nights out. The last pink product is the Dainty Doll blusher in My Girl. This is my al time favourite blush that acts as both a highlighter and blusher. It's pale pink pigment is perfect for pale skin to create a natural glow.

What are your favourite Pretty Pink make up and accessories ?


  1. I love pink too, especially pink blushes. My Girl is such a pretty pink shade I love it x

  2. I love the Rimmel Apocalips! I have Nova and Stellar but find them really difficult to pull off and apply sometimes because they're so pigmented!! Beautiful nonetheless... xx

    BTW, I would LOVE it if anyone would check my blog out? I'll follow back!


    1. I feel the same it is quite tricky to apply


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