11 June 2013

Original Source Shower Gel

I feel that a good shower gel can be the perfect kick start to the day and since I'm not a tea or coffee lover I need something else to wake me up in the mornings this Original Source shower gel is perfect for doing this. The two pictures above contain  the lemon and tea tree and lavender and tea tree shower gels that are my personal favourites there is a number of other scents that you can buy such as orange and ginger ,These shower gels are bright, colourful and smell divine I also love the packaging of the shower gel by using different font size and colours to make the shower gels stand out. The shower gel is very strong smelling and true to it's scent. The shower gel is great for making bubbles or to lather on your skin. Original Source shower gels aren't at all expensive and are currently on offer for a £1 in Asda. I really enjoy using the shower gels and continually go back to them again and again.


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