29 June 2013

Nail look / Glittery

I'm always looking for ways to dress up my nails without using complicated nail tools that for me just don't work.Instead I turn to glitter nail polish, it is a great alternative if you aren't that skilled in  nail art. I recently bought my first Urban outfitters nail polish in Festival. It is a glittery nail polish with flecks of green, blue and pink glitter. My first impressions of the Urban Outfitters nail polish is brilliant , it lasts extremely well for a glitter nail polish and looks super pretty. To achieve the look I used Essie Fiji  a pale pink that is perfect as a base coat for glitter because it lets all the colours in the glitter visible . Once the Essie nail polish is dry you can add your chosen glitter or top coat that you want. To finish the look you can add a top coat to let the manicure last longer. I personally love using glitter nail polishes to create a fun , unique  nail look.

How do you make your nails look different ?



  1. These look so cute with the soft peachy colour underneath! I really love your blog - would you want to follow each other on Bloglovin? xx


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