17 June 2013

My Must Have Glitter Nail Polishes

Who doesn't like a bit of glitter, whether it's on your clothing, shoes or in this case your nails. I have chosen three of my favourite glitter nail polishes that I like to use on top of polishes. Glitter nail polishes are the perfect way to style  your nails and give them a bit more wow factor. Glitter nail polishes are perfect for anyone who isn't great at creating amazing nail designs or finds it hard to even paint your nails. By putting glitter on the top of your nail polish, any mistakes you have made can be disguised with a simple coat of glitter.

The three glitter nail polishes I have chosen are American Apparel (Galaxy) Angelica ( Brit pop) and Barry M (  Pink Sapphire Glitter )  My favourite out of these three is the American Apparel nail polish. There is different colours of glitter pieces in the nail polish and is the perfect glitter nail polish on top of bright polish shades. The second glitter polish I choose was the Barry M Pink Sapphire Glitter. This is a pink glitter polish with strips and circular shaped glitter, Barry M has a huge collection of glittery nail polishes at really good prices. The last nail polish is the cheapest nail polish from Primark and it's Brit Pop. This polish is a very fun glitter and is perfect for the summer time. I really do love glitter nail polishes and they are a great way to cheat when wanting to create a unique ,fun manicure with out the skill and effort involved. The only difficulty when rockin' glitter nail polishes is the removal which I always dread when I decide to wear a glitter nail polish but in the big picture it is so worth it!

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