20 June 2013

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

I am a very lazy person  when it comes to the daily routine of moisturising and cleansing, although I love the thought of it I can never keep up with the constant daily commitment. That's when I came across this beauty oil by Garnier, I have never really heard or saw anything about beauty oil's even though I later learnt that beauty oil's have been out for quite a while. This beauty oil is the perfect instant moisturiser that is great for your legs and arms. The oil feels very light on your skin unlike the usual thick, creamy moisturisers that leave you waddling around your house due to it taking a considerable amount of time to sink into your skin. The only factor that I don't like about this beauty oil is the scent, it smells very much like chocolate which for me I really don't like because firstly it doesn't even smell like proper chocolate and I don't like the thought of rubbing chocolate on my body but that is a personal preference. The spray bottle is great for applying an even amount of oil onto your skin but it can also end up on carpet, clothes and towels so you have to be careful where you apply your oil. Overall I think this oil is perfect for a quick fix to moisturising.

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