19 June 2013

Blushers and Brushes

Blushers play a big  part in my make up looks and I feel slightly incomplete when I don't have it on. My two favourite blushers are Dainty Doll in My Girl and Sleek Flamingo. These two blushers are my most recent blushers but also my favourite, out of the two my most used blusher would be the Dainty Doll blusher. The two blushers are very different with the dainty doll acting as both a blusher and a highlighter and the Sleek blush is very bright and can be a bit scary to look at but is actually not so bright on your cheeks. When applying my blusher I usually use the same brushes, the Real Techniques Contour brush and Muti Task Brush, both brushes are perfect when applying blush. The only difference between the two brushes is the contour brush applies more blush than the muti task blush. I also love the two blushers worn together.

What is your favourite brushes and blushers?


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