3 April 2013

Blog Advice / Photography # 2

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Before you start reading this post I want to make  it clear that this is my opinions and advice and there is no right or wrong way to how you want your photos to look. The most important thing is if you are happy with the finished photo .

I was looking through my old posts recently and I came across the blog photography post I done. I felt I didn't go into enough detail so I am going to have another whirl at it. I think I will start with the camera , obviously  if you don't have a camera it will be very hard to blog especially if you are reviewing beauty products or outfits. Your followers / viewers want to be able to see the product in the best possible way so they can see things like the colour, packaging and the size. Many of the larger blogs that you may aspire too nearly always have a DSLR camera, I think people then think that they will need an expensive camera that they don't actually want or will use much. I was lucky enough to already have an DSLR before I started blogging because I am quite interested in taking photos and editing them anyway. If you have a digital camera don't fret about your photos they can be as equally as good as the DSLR it all depends on how you display your photos and the lighting you use.

Taking the Photo
It is a key aspect that when taking your photo's to take them in day light. If you take your photos in between light they can be fuzzy , out of focus and make your product that your trying to display look crappy , it can also result in having to use flash and that is not great when you are taking a photo of a lipstick or eye shadow because it can change the colour of the product and make the background look very dark.

When I first started to take photo's for my blog I would use my window sill purely because the lightening was so good but it was missing something , the background was crap and didn't look good at all so I moved where I took my photos and it helped immensely.  It is important not to clutter your photo background by having irrelevant things behind the product that you are trying to portray.( you want all the focus to be on the product you are writing about) I have added one item in the background to make the photo look overall better. I bought a heart candle holder that I bought in B&M Bargains for £2.49 which I feel helps my photos as a whole.

The layout is so important when taking photos. I have came over a lot of blogs in the past year that don't understand this aspect of taking photos. They will take a really good photo but will be so far away from the product they are trying to take a photo of, it is then hard for the reader to see what the product looks like.

When you have taken the photo that you are happy with you can decide whether you want to edit your photos. Sometimes it's not always necessary but once you start editing photo's you will do it on every photo you will take. There is many photo editing sites out there, popular editing software includes Photoshop or Picmonkey. I personally use Picmonkey because it is easy to use and is free unlike Photoshop.

Stock photos
There's nothing more annoying when a blogger is reviewing a product and is using a stock photo. It doesn't look appealing and makes you look like you are reviewing a product that you don't even own.
Sometimes you have to use stock photo's and I understand that but when a blog  is using stock photo's for every blog post it makes there blog look horrible and people will not come back for more .

The best time to take photo's is in the daytime when the lightening is at it's best. If you are wanting to take a photo of a candle or lights without a flash it would be advisable to use a tripod because if it is dark and you are taking a photo with out the flash the shutter will take longer to open so it can end up fuzzy. If you find it hard to take photos during the day you can buy professional camera lighting which is quite expensive. If you cant afford lighting you can buy a daylight bulb which are easy to get hold of and are cheap at around £3.00 each.

Stock photo

The first photo is took with natural lighting , there is not a lot of space around the photo and nothing in the photo is distracting you from the lipstick.
 This is the same photo but with a photo effect .
You can see the difference a photo effect can make. It makes the photo look more professional and elegant.
This is the lipstick with the flash on. It make the lipstick look dull and doesn't portray the lipstick in the best possible way.
Photo is too far away from the lipstick. There is also other objects that distract the main item in the photo.
This photo doesn't have great lighting , has lots of clutter around it and is out of focus.
This photo is out of focus and is fuzzy you cant really identify what the product really looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know your photography advice and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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