24 March 2013

Things I Love #1

I have decided to do a post every week dedicated to everything I love. I will be writing about everything from clothes, blogs and even food. I hope you enjoy these series of posts.
Things I love - BLOGS
One of my favourite things about blogging is finding new blogs or reading new posts from my favourite blogs.
I COVET THEE- I only found out about this blog a few months ago after watching Alix's video's on You tube . I love her blog design and photo's which always make me feel content for some reason. She is so pretty and has great style and comes across as a really lovely person.
ZOELLA- Who doesn't read Zoe's blog , I just love it. I love everything from her design to her photo's. I just wish that there was more posts because I love reading them.
My Favourite Quotes
I love a good quote, whenever I feel down or need some encouraging I will always turn to a quote. Here are some of my favourites for this week.

My Favourite Hairstyle
I am in love with the Heidi braid. It's so simple to do and looks so pretty , I just love it.

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