18 March 2013

Magazine Art and Memories

 I can't express the thrill I get when I look at my forever growing magazine collection.To some they might not see the point in keeping every single magazine but for me I can't bear to throw out my much loved magazine that holds all the latest trends and what to look forward to in the upcoming month.Today I was looking back at the first Company Magazine I bought and it actually brought back alot of memories of what was on trend that month, what we done or looked forward to that month and I find it fun to reflect on what I would have got up to that month. I have realised that to me a magazine is kind of like a ready made scrap -book. I know that it will never be as personal as a scrapbook you took the effort to make yourself but it does trigger memories in your brain.

As you have probably guess my favourite magazine is Company. I have religiously bought their magazine ever since they give their magazine a new look. They took the brave decision to change the tradition for magazines by opted for a more papery ,Eco friendly paper instead of your tradition glossy page mag. This is what initially made me buy Company magazine for the first time. I love Company magazine and look forward to it every month.They are very blogging friendly and are always featuring bloggers and every year they host  a blogging competition which I am nominated for.( vote for me here ) This is by far my favourite feature of Company magazine. If you throw out your magazines you might want to think twice because they can mean more that you think.


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