4 March 2013

MAC Eyeshadow Review


I was in Mac last weekend and i wanted to buy a Mac Eye shadow because I had never tried one and they are very popular with Make up artists so I thought that it must be good. The package as usual was the traditional black which I love. This eyeshadow is in a pot of it's own so it can't be transferred into a  palette. The colour is a chocolaty brown colour and it is matte which is my favourite when it comes to make up.

 I found the eyeshadow not at all pigmented and actually found a four pound palette more pigmented than this. The eye shadow applied evenly and it did feel really soft on your eyes.This colour is great if you have got blue eyes because it really makes them stand out. With this eye shadow you can create a smokey eye or a day time eye. The eye shadow lasted all day and blended well. I found the eye shadow not at all pigmented which I would expect in a expensive make up brand but it did apply and wear well. This eye shadow was twelve pound which is expensive like most Mac products but I'm not sure if I would purchase anymore Mac eye shadows any time soon.





  1. Gorgeous colour, I'd love this, I could use it in the crease of my eye


  2. Great idea .I agree it is a lovely colour


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