6 March 2013

Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar

I do love Lush so when ever I get the chance I will pop in to see what I can find that excites me. I saw this bubble bar which I thought at the start was a bath bomb ( I don't read labels ) When I realised that it wasn't a bath bomb I quickly realised what it was for. When my bath is running I will crumble some of the bath bomb into my bath otherwise it will not work. You are meant to crumble the whole thing into your bath to give loads of bubbles and blue water but I like to get as much use out of it as possible. It smells amazing one of the reasons why I bought it. This bath bar I think is meant to be related to The Wizard if Oz, It could be something to do with the new Oz film because I thought it was quite a random thing to associate a bath bar with . As usual I love this product and would buy it again.The bath bar is £2.99 and you can buy it HERE

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