4 March 2013

China Doll Botique Competition

1.Dress £32 / 2. Jacket £75 / 3. Bag £18 / 4. Shoes £62 / 5. Necklace £10

I was contacted yesterday by the owner of  China Doll Boutique to see whether I would be interested in taking part in a competition. The competition is for bloggers , all you have to do is pick at least one item from China Doll Boutique and create a whole outfit using other clothes products from other stores or they can be all from china dolls boutique if you wish. The whole outfit has to come to £200 or less and the winner will win the whole outfit. I think this is a great competition and I love the boutique because it is not at all expensive and has some lovely pieces. For more details on the competition go HERE


  1. I love your jacket its beautiful!

  2. love this set, i entered this comp too! love your blog too, followed :) Xx



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