18 February 2013

Tag! You're it !

I dont usually do tags but since Lauren from Fashion Swirls done the tag I created so thank you.
The Rules are
1.Mention the blog who tagged you.
2. Answer the 11 questions set.
3. Set 11 questions for the people you tag.
1. How did you start blogging ?
I started following some blogs and really wanted to start one but i thought it would be complicated so when I realised it was so easy I started my own blog.
2. Who is your celebrity crush ?
No one really
3. What's your favourite fashion brand ?
I don't know if it's a brand but  i'd say Topshop
4.Would You rather wear flat shoes or heels ?
I would rather the look of heels but I can't wear them so it would have to be flats.
5. Would you rather be happy but poor, or sad but rich?
I would rather be happy but poor.
6.What make up can you not live without?
Without a doubt lipstick
7.Would you be a Youtuber ?
I would love to be a Youtuber but i want to focus on my blog for now.
8. What country would you like to live in if you could pack up and go?
I honestly don't know

9. What is your most worn nail polish?
Topshop nail polish by far
10. What is the worst make-up product that you have ever brought?
I used to buy really cheap eyeshadow that had no pigment what so ever.
11. What is you pet hate?
RATS and MICE uggh.


1.London or New york ?
2.What really annoys you ?
3.What is your favourite colour ?
4. Have you any serect talents ?
5. What was or is your favourite subject at school ?
6. What item of clothing do you love wearing ?
7.What does fashion mean to you ?
8.How would you define your city's fashion ?
9.What are some of your favourite clothing stores/catalogues/websites ?
10.Where do you get your inspiration for your blog ?
11.Where can readers find out more about you and your



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  1. Loved to read your answers! I really need to try TopShop!



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