13 February 2013

Stylfile S-file Nail File review

 I love painting my nails and have quite a big collection of nail polishes but just before Christmas I decided I wanted to grow my nails and see how long they would grow. I wanted my nails to have some shape but I needed a new nail file so i went on Amazon expecting to buy a ordinary nail file but I came across  this one designed by Tom Pellereau who won The Apprentice. The nail file is meant to follow the natural curve of your nail and make it easier to shape your nails. It has two sides one shapes your nails and the other side smooths. It's hard to shape your nail pointy or in a square shape but it does shape them in a round shape. This nail file is meant to make filing your nail less awkward but I actually found it harder than a straight nail file.

The nail file is really good quality and is only £4.49. The nail file is  long lasting and is meant to last a whole year. I love the design of the nail file and it is simple and easy to use. There is other products for your nails by Tom Pellereau including nail clippers, buffer, emergency file and the nail care collection. This brand isn't at all expensive and is very good quality. The only fault I have with this nail file is that it can be quite awkward at the start but with a bit of practise you will never go back to a plain,boring nail file. You can find this nail file in Boots, Sainsbury and Amazon.



  1. I saw this in Sainsbury's, isn't that the guy who won Apprentice? I'm surprised he brought out a nail collection, he doesn't seem like the guy who would, anyway, it looks a great product!


  2. I've heard so much about this- mainly from Alan Sugar's tweets etc (and I'm a huge Apprentice fan!) but never bought it- was really interesting to read your review, it does look awkward so I'm not surprised! Impressed that it lasts a year though, i'm still in two minds about it!
    Rosy x


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