22 February 2013

Primark Haul

As you all know I went shopping  on Sunday and I popped into Primark. It might have been just me but I was a bit disappointed with the clothing section of Primark but they had so many things I loved in their home section. In the home section I bought some vintage bedding and I love it. It was £12 which is such a bargain considering you can get the same thing in Debenhams for £40 ! The bedding is reversible with one side red and the other white. My favourite thing about the bedding is the pillow it spells out Love in a vintage floral way which I love.

The second thing was bought was a throw for my bed which I just love. It is also vintage and is reversible.All around the throw there is a lace trim which is such a lovely feature. I got this for £15 which is amazing value.

The only piece of clothing I got was this t-shirt. It is a dupe of the Topshop Geek top (even though it doesn't say geek you know what I mean ) I think you can get the Geek top but I didn't see it so I got this one. I did see other colours and words. The geek tops in Topshop are around £20 and this dupe
was £4! This is such a money saver.
Have you got any thing in Primark recently.



  1. Love the bad t-shirt!


  2. I love the bedding it is so cute x

  3. i got the bed throw too! its value is amazing for £15 and perfect for when i make my whole bedroom vintage:) great post!



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