14 February 2013

Lush Shampoo bars review

Every beauty blogger loves Lush and one of my favourite products from Lush has to be their Shampoo bars. They are the best thing  I have ever washed my hair with. I got my first shampoo bar "Seanik "last year and for me personally it is the best. It smells amazing and contains seaweed and salt  that  makes your hair feel squeaky clean. The shampoo bar is easy to use you can either rub it in your hand to create a lather or apply it straight onto your hair. When you have washed your  hair you can guarantee  that your hair wont need to be washed again for at least a week depending on your hair type and length. As you know my hair is pretty long and can need quite alot of care and apart from Aussie hair products it's the only thing that my hair benefits from. I love this hair product because it's uniqiue and exciting to use.

In the picture above I have the Jumping Juniper which targets to get rid of greasy hair. I don't feel it was as good as the Seanik shampoo bar but it still is brilliant. There is a range of shampoo bars which are different colours, falvours and do different things for your hair. My shampoo bar's lasted for about a month which i think is brilliant for a small shampoo bar. I would when buying the shampoo bars to buy a case that holds them because i think it will help it last for longer. I would highly recommend these shampoo bars from Lush. Each shampoo bar is £5.25

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  1. I went to LUSH yesterday, I love their products! Great review



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