25 February 2013

Illamasqua I'mperfection Nail Polish Review

You have probably heard about Illamasqua's new spring collection but I have not yet came across a review for any of the products. I am in love with the collection and what it stands for. The title of the collection is IMPERFECTION but they have altered it a bit to change it to IM'PERFECTION ( do you get it ?) Their campaign is to embrace all the so called imperfections we have like birth marks, freckles etc. Their collection includes lipstick , Limited edition nail polish , blusher, eyeliner , lip gloss and a blusher brush.

I instantly fell in love with the nail polish because I had or have never saw speckled nail polish. There is five nail polishes in this collection all in pastel colours. Each nail polish is inspired by the beauty of a birds egg shell. I bought the light green shade in  MOTTLE, the nail Polish comes in a clear bottle with a thick black lid with the Illamasqua logo on top of the lid. The nail polish was £14.50 which some people will find a rip off but I can honestly say that this nail polish was such amazing quality with it lasting a whole four days. I ended up removing it with not a chipped nail present which is quite rare for me. The formula of the nail polish was perfect as well with it not being too thick or watery. This nail polish is so unique and is only part of the collection for a limited time so if you want one now is the time. If you would like to check out the collection or to purchase an item then click HERE

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  1. Gorgeous colour, love the sprinkles in it



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