21 February 2013

February Glossybox Review

This month I decided to treat my self to a Glossy box because I had heard alot about them and I was interested to see if they were worth the hype. I bought the February Glossybox and signed up to the Monthly subscription that means you can cancel it any time instead of paying a one off payment you pay every month. With Glossybox you are given four subscription plans they offer Monthy subscription which is £10 per month plus postage and packaging, 3 month beauty subscription for £27 including P&P , 6 month subscription for £50 and a 12 month subscription for £100.
I ordered my Glossybox on Monday 11th February and received my box on Valentines Day. I don't know if this was a consequence but I found it a really nice touch. I found the postage really good and  I only paid £2.95 for postage and packaging. The box was beautiful , it wasn't their usual design due to it being Valentine's Day. The box was a light Pink with a pink pencil sketch with the Glossybox Logo in the middle. For me I found Glossybox's presentation outstanding and could review their presentation alone. Their box was amazing quality,when you open the box you are presented with pink tissue paper wrapped with a pink ribbon and a Glossybox sticker. Inside the tissue paper their is your 5 goodies with a magazine .For the February Glossybox I received Micabella cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow , Anatomicals You Need A Blomming Shower ! Body Cleanser, MeMeMe Cosmetics Fatcat Lengthening Mascara, Sassoon Professional Illuminating Restore and Miners Cosmetics Lip Colour. I got one full sized product and the rest were pretty good samples. I didn't find any of the products high end or amazing quality. My favourite product I received was the Body Cleanser and the worst product was the Lip Colour because of the colour. One feature I love about Glossybox is they love your feedback. Every time you receive a Glossybox you can take part in surveys and when you
do you can earn Glossydots. Glossydots are points you can receive to get a free Glossybox.
I love the concept of Glossybox and I think it's a great thing to treat yourself to every month and I would defiantly buy a Glossybox again !








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  1. Oh! Like the products! I've always wanted a glossy box, but never got one!



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