6 February 2013

Blogging Journal

 This Year i wanted to plan out all my posts for blogging and try really hard to be organised . I think the main reason why I wanted to be organised was so I could have an excuse to buy a journal. I love buying journals but never write anything in them. I bought this journal on Amazon with my gift voucher. The journal was £8.93 which i think was really reasonable. The front cover has a fabric feel to it and has drawings of  fashion and vintage items on the front which i love. Throughout the book there is different types of paper such as lined,squared and patterned. On every few pages there is illustrations of fashion girls,watches and vintage mirrors by Niki Pilkington. There is also fashion quotes which I love and can made you feel inspired when writing something. This post is mainly just to see the pictures because they speak more about the journal than I could ever write so I'll leave you with the pictures I took of the journal.



  1. That's amazing! I really want it now :) I need to be more organised


  2. A blogging journal seems like a great idea, and love these pictures! Any photography tips? Thanks for sending over your link after bbloggers xxx



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