5 February 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner Review

My hair has to be my best feature so it is important to me to have my hair looking it's best, because it is so long it can  become very dry, natty and uncared for . I was in Boots and  saw this Aussie Conditioner so I decided to give it a try. Recently my hair has been looking very dry and dull even after washing my hair and my spilt ends were looking very damaged.( Small disclaimer I do not like getting my hair cut.) I just picked up the small bottle of conditioner and now wish I had of bought the Shampoo to go alone with it. When I first bought the conditioner I didn't really like the packaging I found it a bit unprofessional looking but I have grown to actually love the minimalistic look.
First of all the Conditioner smells amazing and I could smell it all day. I found that it smelt different on the hair than in the bottle but it stills smells good. This conditioner contains natural ingredients such as Australian Ginseng extract and pearl powder that helps you hair achieve it's shiny,soft origins.What I loved most about this conditioner is that it makes your dead ends feel really soft as if you have just had your hair cut so if you have long hair this product was made for you. Aussie has many other products from heat protector to volume shampoo. I purchased the small bottle of conditioner (250 ml) for £4.49 and you can get the 500ml bottle for £5.99 in Boots.
I will Know leave you with Aussie's Philosophy which I love
                                          " There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start"


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