27 January 2013

Tangle Teezer Brush Review

I recently bought a Tangle Teezer after hearing about it on a Youtube channel. For years i have had considerably long hair and would often struggle with nats in my hair it got so bad that I wouldn't be able to wear my hair down two minutes with out huge nats forming and i couldn't even wear my hair down in bed,  I had to have them plaited before i went to bed. Some people might just think well if she's having this much bother why doesn't she just cut her hair. This actually did go through my head but I couldn't bear cutting my long locks that took so long to get to the length I wanted it.
I had never heard about the Tangle Teezer brush until a few weeks ago so for anyone that doesn't know much about the brush here's a few things I found out about the brand, a hairdresser named Shaun P came up with this idea while working with hair that suffered with tangled hair. When he wanted to turn his idea into a reality he decided to go onto Dragon's Den where his idea was put down ( I bet their kicking themselves now) but this didn't stop him he invested in the business himself and has not looked back since.
I bought the brush on Amazon for £10.00 but you can buy it in Boots for a pound dearer. (Some people might find this expensive but if you suffer from tangled hair it's worth the investment) The brush fits your hand perfectly but i do feel that it is a bit more awkward for left handlers. I bought the brush in Disco Purple which is purple with glittery flicks throughout the brush. The bristles are two different sizes which must effect how it takes the tangles out. When using the brush to be truthful i was really confident that it wouldn't do what it said it would . When i first used the  brush my hair was in a pretty bad state I was waiting for my head to be pulled of me but infact i hardly felt anything just a little tug that was not at all sore. Not only does this brush get rid of nats it  makes your hair appear shiny and soft. I absolutely love this brush and would invest in one straight away.A random thing i love about this brush is it's slogan "cares for the hair you wear" I think it's  really clever .
 The only thing that I wasn't impressed with was the outside bristles are bending a bit which is quite annoying but I can live with one fault. There is many other colours and different types of Tangle Teezers that do different things.


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