3 January 2013

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Review

 If Sam Chapman's name isn't familiar to you alone then you have been living under a beauty rock if that makes sense. I received these brushes for Christmas and  I had had my eye on them for quite a while after hearing such brilliant reviews about these drugstore brushes.
Samantha Chapman is a professional make up Artist and has shared her skill and passion for make up artistry via Youtube with her sister Nicola. They share a Youtube channel Pixiwoo where they do Make up tutorials that any one can follow. Samantha's collection of brushes vary from three essential packs that include your Core Collection, (your base) Starter Set (eyes) and a travel set that includes a base brush, an eye brush and a finish brush ( eg blush,finishing touches).

The one i own is the eye Starter set. All the brushes in the collection are organised into three different colours Gold, purple and pink, the eye starter set is purple. The set retails at £21.99 and  that is amazing considering the quality of the brushes and the amount you get . The starter set contains five of the basic eye tools you will need to create a basic or complex look. The five brushes included are a base shadow brush, brow brush, accent brush ,deluxe crease brush and a pixel-point eyeliner brush.

  It's Kind of Obvious what this brush is used for but for anyone that isn't very familiar with make up terms, the base is the first coat of eye shadow that you will put on your eye to create an even tone and texture on your eyelid . The brush gives you  an even courage of the eyeshadow and gives you a brilliant start to your eye make up. This brush is very versatile like most of the real techniques brushes ( If you don't have a very big crease and you find the crease brush is too big this can be used instead )

I will Emmit this is probably the brush i will use least of all the brushes purely because i don't fill my eyebrows in that often but i did use it a few times for the purpose of this review . The brow brush is angled shaped to give the easiest application of eyeshadow when filling in your brows. The shape of the brush makes it very easy to define the shape of the your brows without making them look monstrous. The brush applies the right amount of product on the eye brow to give it a professional, natural appeal.

 When i first  got these brushes i was quite confused about what this brush was used for and  from the information  i gathered i think this brush is used for fine detail. It can be used on  the lower lash line or to apply  highlighter around the eye area .It is small and light perfect for detailed application.

*Spelling Mistake in photo sorry*

 Thank the lord for this brush it's my life safer. Before I was lucky enough to have these brushes I would find it very hard to contour or create a smokey eye but no word of a lie after using this brush things have changed. I never knew that using the right brush could make  such a difference when applying make up. I now find it much easier to apply and blend eye shadow into my crease without applying it anywhere else.

 Eyeliner was always the part  i hated doing because my eyeliner would always be too thick and uneven but looking back i was wasn't helping myself my using the  small brush that came with my eyeliner. I did find that the thickness of this brush was still on the thick side but not to worry you can buy a thinner Real Technique eyeliner brush. In saying that it still creates a perfect crisp line of eyeliner to really finish off your look.

The hairs on the brushes are cruelty free, made of  synthetic and not tested on animals. They are such soft brushes and i could happily let someone sweep them over my face all day long . The hairs on the the brushes are predominately black but do have white tips (apart from the brow and eyeliner brush) at the top which i think is really clever because then it is visible to see how much product you have on your brush and how clean it is.  I have washed the brushes twice in soap and water and there was no evidence of any of the bristles falling out. The brushes cone in a black padded case that is very versatile and easy to use . You can close the case like a book and carry it with the handle or if your doing make up you can make it free stand by using a tug and string. In total the case holds eight brushes so there's no reason why not to buy more!

I found these brushes a great asset to drug brand brushes purely because of the quality and price of the brushes. They retail in most Boots and Superdrug stores or on the Real Techniques website which also gives you tutorials using these brushes. I can't recommend these brushes enough and have to pinch myself every time i remind myself of their price tag and quality, Defiantly worth the buy!



  1. this was my first set from Real Techniques but now I almost own their whole collection.. i absolutely love them and I might even love 'em more then my Sigma brushes!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  2. I have been hearing a lot about the Real Techniques brushes and now I'm really interested in trying them.


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