5 January 2013

Four Improvements

This is a different kind of post to what i usually do , it's more of  a lifestyle post.Recently i have been buying and making small inexpensive items to make my bedroom look more cosy and homely. My bedroom had been redecorated last year and i didnt really do much to make it look anymore interesting or different. So i now have gave myself the task to achieve this for my bedroom.

 The first thing i think every bedroom needs is a set of fairy lights. They come in all different shapes,sizes and colours that you can choose for your bedroom. Yesterday i came across these beautiful rose fairy lights that i have dangled over my headboard. They instantly make a room look cosy.

I have also made two cushions for my bed that was really easy to make . One was from a craft pack and i was instructed with the patchwork cushion by one of Cath KIdstons craft book. (patch) Not only do the cushions look welcoming , if you have made them yourself you get a sense of self pride every time you look at them.

For holding all my bits and bobs i bought this gorgeous drawers that is covered in sequins and bells. It makes me happy every time i see it and it always gets compliments and keeps all your small annoying things in one place.

The last thing has to be my favourite. Its a heart shaped decoration that was only four pounds. Its made out of multi coloured bells and hangs on my door handle . Its surprising how small decorations can make your room look so much better!

What small improvements do you have to improve your bedroom?



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