21 January 2013

Essie Nail Polish Review

 I have heard such brilliant things about Essie nail polish and it seemed every blogger owned a collection of Essie nail polishes so i wanted to join the buzz. Unfortunately my local Boots and Superdrug don't stock Essie Nail polish so i bought some on Amazon because i had my Daxon voucher to spend. The nail polish itself was around eight pound which i found considerably expensive . I don't mind buying expensive nail polishes because i will more than likey get good value out of but i didn't see any major differences  compared to a cheaper version of nail polish. I found the consistently of the nail polish appalling it was very gloppy like it was an old nail polish. Most nail polishes need at least two coats of nail polish regarding what brand/quality it is but this nail polish dries within seconds which sounds good on paper but is in fact terrible. The first coat of nail polish dries before you can apply the second coat and then when you  try to apply the second coat it appears streaky.
In saying that the finished application of nail polish looked quite well and the streaks seem to disappear. I thought after the bad quality of the application I thought that the nail polish still had a chance of lasting you for ages and believe me I really did want it to work out well in the end. But yet again it only lasted about two days before it started to chip and i have owned cheaper alternatives to lasts at least 4 or more days. The positive factors of this nail polish would have to be the packaging and the colours. I really did love the design of the lid and bottle of the Essie nail polish. The best thing i think about this brand would be the colours they have every colour you would ever think about and imagine. This is defiantly a rip of nail polish but in saying that I might have had too high of expectations.
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