31 January 2013

Clothes Confidence

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If your like me then you will often flick through magazine pages with women dressed in a really quirky outfit and you might say to yourself "I love her style " or " I wish I had the confidence to wear that ". Even in the blogsphere there is numerous blogs out there that dedicate there blog to styling and showing off there really wacky outfits that look amazing. After thinking about these things I think to myself  whether other people have the same issue as I have. I would often see something a bit different instead of picking it up and buying it i would walk on and set my self on something else just because i am afraid of what kind of reaction i would get if I wore it.

 People might not see the sense in this but it can be a big issue for many people for numerous reasons like body issues or being afraid of what people think. Not everyone lives in an excepting place like London Or New York where what you wear isn't really an issue , but if you live in a smaller area it can be harder to pick up that unusual piece of clothing and purchase it .  But some how we have to get over that because we deserve and should come out our front doors  feeling confidence in yourself and the clothes you are wearing. If you sat down and thought about two outfits , the one you crave to wear or the more "accepting" one. I could bet you any money you would choose the outfit you crave.

If you did buy that quirky piece of clothing whats the worst that's going to happen , someone will stare for a couple of seconds and just because their staring doesn't mean their being negative they could be thinking about what you thought about the girl in the magazine. Why be like everyone else when you can be you!If your like me and find all this stuff kind of daunting you don't need to make drastic changes you could change small things that to you feels big and makes you feel worthy. Then you can build it up and before you know it you are as quirky as the girl in the magazine.

But it is important as well not just to copy them type of girls in the magazines. If you don't feel comfortable or believe it's your style!If you do go for it. The next time your browsing looking for clothes, instead  of picking up the "acceptable" outfit choose something you truly love and when you have found the courage to buy and wear it you will wonder what the fuss was all about.

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