12 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual Review

Recently i have become quite interested in the techniques that make up artists use when doing make up and how they do it. Even though there is millions of videos and websites about make up artistry, I wanted something i could have forever on my shelves and would be easily accessed. So i purchased the Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual. Before buying it i researched it trying to hear what people thought about the book and everything i found out about the book was positive. The book was expensive at £16.00 and still don't really know if it's worth the money. The book is spilt into two two different parts and twelve chapters. The book begins with Bobbi Brown explaining her story and how she got into the business. It's twelve chapters include Chapter 1 Make up Artistry, Chapter 2 Equipment,Chapter3 Skin ,Chapter 4 Face, Chapter 5 Lips , Chapter 7 Ten step guide to perfect make up, Chapter 8 Special make up applications ( part 1 basics ) Chapter 9 Artistry ,Chapter 10 Essential Equipment for the Professional , Chapter 11 Advanced Make up Applications and Chapter 12 Memorable Make up moments.(Artistry)
Each page has a glossy feel to it kind of like magazine paper only thicker. The images are by far the best quality to the book with brightly coloured lipsticks and all shades of concealer. The first part of the book Basics is for a beginner it includes how to create your base , what eye shadow suits  your eye colour best, equipment you will need and how to care for your skin. The second part of the book is more for a make up artist graduate that is trying to find there way in the business it includes what you will need to get started, how to make a portfolio and how to get yourself known in the business.I found each chapter written in great detail but yet gives you a simple guide on how to do the basis skills. I was quite disappointed with the book purely because it wasn't what i was expecting and would of loved more eye make up tutorials but that doesn't mean the book is not worth the buy , it just wasn't what i was expecting.

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  1. That's amazing, I have to look out for this!



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