25 November 2012

Topshop Nail Polish review

I have raved about Topshop nail polishes for a while and when i had a voucher for Topshop i decided i would just buy one. To start with they have so many pretty colours that's it 's a real chore when you have to just pick one. I chose a really bright blue colour called " awdl " The Nail polish is Five pound each which i think is expensive but defiantly worth the money. The nail polish was easy to apply and it dried really quick but the best thing about the nail polish is it didn't chip for over a week.I was really shocked because most expensive nail polishes don't even last that long. It is a real electric blue that gets alot of complements. If you dont fancy wearing the nail polish on its own you could add sparkles or clash it with another nail polish colour. You Can buy Topshop Nail polish in bigger Topshop stores or on their website.

Topshop nails online


  1. This is a gorgeous colour! I can't believe I've never tried any of the Topshop nail polishes yet, I really need to get some :( xxxx


  2. love your blog! Saw it on Beauty Blog Hop. Following GFC :) xo


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