3 November 2012

Party Popper Lush bath bomb

I love bath bombs i get such excitement out of popping them into the bath and watching them fizz away into a bath wash. I got really excited when i was in Lush trying to figure out what one to choose because there was so many i wanted but i would of looked a tad strange walking out  with the whole shop content. I saw one of the shop assistants showing what this bath bomb done when it hit the water. I have just one word for this bath bomb amazing apart from the smell. The two colours creates the perfect hot pink when put into water as it enters the water it starts to fizz and green and orange pieces of dried honeydew melon comes out.
You can use this to wash yourself as well if that wasn't enough once the whole bath bomb has dissolved the bath starts popping . The only fault i have with this bath bomb is it's smell it does fill the whole room but i cant even describe what kind of smell it is but don't let that put you off because that is just my personal opinion. But i think that overrides every other feature this bath bomb has. I love how this bath bomb turns your water a perfect pink that lets out pieces of dried honeydew melon that you can wash yourself with and while your enjoying all that your bath is creating popping sounds. I also thought the price was really reasonable at £2.95 because i do think some of Lush's products are a bit over priced. I would buy it again for the thrill but not for the smell.



  1. That looks amazing, great post



  2. seems to be amazing ! i love lush products and would love to try this one out !

    xx Liyana


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