27 October 2012

Topshop Sale Items

Topshop is having a mid season sale and i got a few items. I love Topshop but it's so expensive for what you get so when there's a sale i like to see what i can get for half the price. The first item i got was a necklace that i saw alot of bloggers wearing and when i saw it i had to get it. The original price of the necklace was £8.50 but i got it for £2.50 a complete bargain for Freedom jewellery. There is three chains in two different colours gold and silver they are all different lengths which i think gives it a really cool look. My favourite chain is the eye charm.

The second item was clothing, i got a sparkly top that i had seen before. It was originally £46.00 but i got it for £20 which is so cheap for topshop. I found that you have to go a size up from your original size. It's a great way to  dress up a pair of jeans and it looks so pretty everyone needs sparkle in there wardrobe. BUY HERE


  1. Love the necklace, the eye is a bit creepy though!! Hehe, great for Halloween




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