7 October 2012

Blog advice : Photography

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It can be hard if your just starting off bloging and it can sometimes be hard to find help or tips on what you could improve. One of the things that draws me to a blog is the photography if the photography is bad i will not stay or follow the blog. Here is my tips on taking photos for your blog or social media.
The camera
If you don't have a camera there's no point even reading this. The camera is the most important thing that doesn't necessary mean you need a brilliant camera but you do need a reasonable one.
 The camera i use is a Nikon d3100 i will ammint there is a huge difference in the quality of images from an ordinary digital camera.
  There is loads of editing tools or websites you can use to make your photos stand up till their full potential and i find it an essential part to uploading you photos to a blog. The editing website i'm currently using is picmonkey i find this website amazing and their is no signing up or details required and the best thing is it's free.

If your a real wiz you could use photoshop but i find it far too difficult and it's a bit pricey.

vintage edits is  a editing tool to make your photos look vintage you can also get this as an app.

Original photo
River Island 
Edited using pic monkey

edited using vintage edit


so you can see editing your photos makes them look more professional and all round better looking.

Taking the photo
To take photos for you blog you don't need a big set up with lights and massive cameras. For my photos i just use my window sill because there is brilliant lighting.
Most people say not to use a flash and there kinda right sometimes your photos do look better with the flash like this photo that i took of a magazine:
but saying that i do recommend taking your photos without flash and in the day time.

If your taking photos of a small object make sure to use the flower symbol on you camera
because it makes them far better.
 Google images
Using Instagram
Most bloggers have instagram because it is another way of showing and promoting your blog,
or if you've just bought a beauty product and want your readers to see then this is the way. The Instagram app is free so there are  no excuses not to get it
and my name on instagram is @ nead90.
I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know if you like it or have any questions.



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