22 September 2012

Primarks Angelica Nail Colour

I've got a really exciting nail polish to tell everyone about its Primark's own nail polish.
The brand on the nail polish is " Angelica". There is so many lovely colours but the one colour i wanted was the Brit Pop its a range of different coloured sparkles and is so colourful on your nails.
Like every glittery nail polish it will take a few layers to build up the colour but i don't find that much of a problem because i love painting nails. The nail polish itself coats well and can be used either on its own or on top of another nail polish but depending on what you feel or love they both look good.
The best thing about this nail polish is the price its only £2.50 each and compared to other nail polishes you will defiantly pay more for a nail polish. There is a wide range of  nail colours from blue to red and a selection of glitter ones as well.
You cant buy them online so you will have to go into your local Primark.


  1. I love the colour, it reminds me of a disco party ball




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