1 September 2012

Primark Bag

I know alot of people that wouldn't survive if they didn't have Primark but i have never really been that fussed with it. The Primark i have is really bad but when i went on holidays i went to the one on Oxford Street and i saw loads of things that i liked. One of these things was this bag.
I love this bag particularly the tassels. It has a black body and the strap is brown the material is a false leather, you can also get the same bag in reverse colours ( brown body black strap ) It's not a very big bag but it's big enough for me. You can adjust the size of the strap according to how long you want it.
I got this bargin bag for just £4.00



  1. Love the bag, the tassels really finish it off



  2. i love this... tassles are such a lovely touch!!


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