12 September 2012

Fashion books

Whenever anyone talks about fashion they will mention alot of things eg clothes,shops,magazines etc but hardly ever is a book mentioned. Over the past few days i have came across  a few really good fashion books that i would love right know!
Sticker Fashionista
This book is illustrated by Kelly Smith who  draws pictures for Company magazine.
This book has such pretty drawings and scenes that also come with stickers that you can stick on top of the models if that doesn't satisfy you, you could draw the pictures as well.
This is £6.71 on amazon

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion
The second book is for someone that wants to do something in fashion but if you don't know exactly what then this book can help it talks to famous stylists,editors,models and it tries to give you and idea of all the different jobs associated in fashion.
On amazon this is £6.99

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  1. I just love making outfits for the little models and putting a story behind it! I used to pretend that I was a fashion designer. Great post!




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