8 September 2012

Barry M Make up brushes

 I have been wanting make up brushes for a while and when i first went to get them they were so expensive and I'm not talking a fancy brand either it was like £6.00 for 1 brush. Some people might think that's good but I'm not a make up artist so i wouldn't get good value out of it, so i went on a search for cheap brushes and that turned out a disaster too they were such bad quality and the hair's on it were like something you'd sweep the floor with.
I just gave up i thought that when i get one of those days were i want to spend my money on nothing i will get them but till then I'll have to make do with my fingers and then Barry m saved the day!
It's doesn't actually say whether these brushes are new or not but I'm guessing they are because i have never seen them before. They don't have a huge range of the brushes but all the basics you would need when applying you make up.
 They are so pretty as well they have really fun block colours with a metallic top and they are so different from all the boring black ones and the greatest thing about them is that there only £ 2.99 each such a bargain and they really do improve your make up especially your eye make up.
I cant find them on the Barry M website but i got mine in my local Superdrug so check there.

This is also your last chance for everyone to enter the giveaway thanks to everyone that entered and i will announce the winner tomorrow


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  1. Great brushes! I like sticking to The Body Shop's brushes, because they are animal cruelty free




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