29 August 2012

Whoosh Lush Jelly

There has been so much talk about Lush products and i wanted to see what the hype was about.
I bought two products whoosh jelly and a shampoo bar. The product states that
"Whoosh was named after the sound of deadlines whizzing by.Useful for renewed focus when tired,jet lagged or revising for exams"
To be honest i think that's a bit too far because i feel frustrated when i try to wash myself with it.
I love the idea of it and i have mixed feelings with the smell but there is still something that makes me go back. Its a jelly substance so when i try to was my body with it, it slips out of my hands and i end up loosing it down the drain pipe. The smell i think kind of smells like the wipes you buy to clean your toilet.
But the product isn't all bad it will last for ages and you can also use it for your hair and if you bring back 5 full sized empty pots you will get one free so you don't only get a free product you are also helping the environment. I also love the colour of the jelly its really bright and it becomes brighter if you put it in the freezer.



  1. I love LUSH products



  2. I got the purple one with glitters called Sweetie Pie for a friend and she loves it. I tried it out too. It smells great.
    I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Please check out the details here - http://cherryfashion-buzz.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-blog-award.html

    Nia. x


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