20 August 2012

New MAC Lipstick

As everyone knows i was on holiday and was planning on getting a few things and one of them was a MAC lipstick. I had heard so much about Mac products and wanted to try one out for myself so i got a lipstick. I choose a matte lipstick in Diva its quite a dark colour but i really like it.

 I had previously owned a MUA lipstick and i thought it was good but then i got the MAC lipstick ( i don't care what anyone says you pay for what you get ) even just opening the lid you can feel the quality of the product, I don't really like glossy lip products so this was ideal. I thought that it would be not that nice on the lips but it was really creamy and moisturising on the lips. I found the system of MAC kind of confusing because i was new in MAC i didn't know how to purchase the lipstick because you usually have the testers then there is the actual product to buy but what you have to do is bring the tester lipstick you want to the desk and they go and get it. The lipsticks are £14.00 each there is alot of options in the type of lipstick you choose but theres not alot of colours in the different categories but apart from that i am a new lover of MAC products.



  1. I've heard a lot about MAC products too, but I can never find them in Superdrug or Boots which is really frustrating because I want to try out their foundation


    1. Hi Lauren, they don't stock in Boots. They stock in places like Debenhams/House of Fraser/John Lewis. Or you can visit their website. Hope this helps you.
      C x


  2. All the blogs I am going to from this blog hop are talking about MAC products... lol I don't own any, and I don't have the cashola to own any... but it looks like I may have to start an extra piggy bank at the rate it's going here! hahaha

    I followed you from the blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back! :)

    1. its worth it i ll have a look at your blog now

  3. I love the color of that.....and yes you do get what you pay for....MAC is great quality!!
    Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

    1. yes i totally agree
      i'll check out your blog


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