22 August 2012

My Very (expensive ) Vintage belt

Where i was staying in London it was very near Camden and i really wanted to have a look at all the vintage clothing there and inparticular the Rokit shop. I had heard about this shop through Youtube and everyone was saying how cheap it was so i really wanted to go and buy something without feeling guilty about the price tag. I couldnt have been more wrong some of the items like the shorts where an OK price and beacause this was  the first thing i came across in the shop i thought everything was going to be a bargin. I then came across all the belts and the cheapest one i came across was £6.00 that is when i fell in love with this belt until i saw how much it was , i couldnt make a decision whether to buy it or not but with some perswadsion i bought it at ( kind of embarrassed at the price ) £10.00 i know really bad of me but i feel in love with it like most material things! (but  you have to admmit its a really pretty belt)

Know that i've got that off off my chest i'll talk about the belt it's pure leather with  a distressed look and a brass buckle. Its a bit on the small side and it only fits on my waist but anywhere below it ain't going. If you dont live  near London you can avail of there online store HERE.


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  1. It looks lovely though!



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