24 August 2012

I need your help

A while back i done a post saying that when i get 50 followers i will do a  giveaway and i said i would be giving away things i love. Well after my holidays i spent a tad too much and don't really have the money to buy cosmetics.
This is when you guys come in
I need my readers or anyone who would take part in my competition to take part in a poll that i will put in the top right corner of my blog whether you would rather i waited and bought the things when i had money or for me to make a few things ( not cosmetics ) but I'm thinking bracelets blogging book, maybe  a homemade make up bag. I need to put my thinking cap on so please take part by voting because then i know what you lovely readers want.
Also thank you to all my new readers for following me.



  1. What kind of handmade gifts or cosmetics would it be?



  2. i'll try and put some pictures up of the handmade gifts soon


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