8 August 2012

Company Magazine review

If you read my blog quite often you will probably be stick and tired of hearing me talking about Company magazine but today i thought i'd do a review on the magazine and maybe perswade some people to start reading it.

Front cover- **** out of 5

Layout- *****

Orginality- *****

I will start with the magazines originality, they are probably the most original fashion/beauty magazine because they aren't the typical glossy magazine instead they have  papery  pages. The size is another bonus it is just the right size that you could bring on holiday or sneak in your bag ,they also interact with their readers they have a facebook page in which you can add friends with and in return you can have your input into the magazine saying what you would like done in the magazineor who you would like to see join them HERE) Another great feature is they talk alot about bloggers and vloggers in this months company the have a few pages on different types of vlogs.

Other exciting features

Your edit- This is readers chance to write one page of the magazine.
Fashion edit- All the latest trends
Meet my mate- celebrities mates

Other bonus

It's only £2.00
They also have a fab website which has a feature of fashion DIYS

If you have any favourite magazine please tell me !


  1. Sounds like a good magazine, I will have to buy some and try it out



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